OHNO Yutaka

A focus is on quantitative analyses of the impurity segregation ability of GBs in semiconductors by atom probe tomography (with an impurity detection limit less than 0.005 at.% on a GB simultaneously with a spatial resolution less than 0.4 nm) combined with attomic-resolution STEM and ab-initio calculations, but also the study of atomistic structures of semiconductor nanostructures by in-situ optical measurements (CL, PL, SNOM) under TEM.

Last update: 2017.08.30
カウンター since 2007
Date of birth: 7th December, 1966
Position 1992-2006 Assistant Professor
 Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
2007- Associate Professor
 Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
Education 1990-1992 Master, Engineering Science
 Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Degree 1998 PhD Science
 Osaka University, Japan
Field of Specialization Nanofunctions of semiconductor nanostructures & defects, Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Research Keywords Lattice defects, Semiconductors, Opto-TEM
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  1. Materials Research Society
  2. European Materials Research Society
  3. The Physical Society of Japan
  4. The Japan Society of Applied Physics
  5. The Japanese Society of Microscopy
  6. JSPS 191st Committee on Innovative Interface Bonding Technology
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Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
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